Meeting Tom (auxiliar de conversación de inglés)

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Yesterday we met Tom, we got to know that he is from Shrewsbury (England), which is near Wales and it is the city where Charles Darwin was born.

He studied mathemathics and a bit of Spanish in Manchester and in the future he wants to work in smart cities projects.

His hobbies are climbing, skiing, travelling, playing the trombone and hiking.

Tom told us too that his favourite football team was Liverpool and his favourite player was Michael Owen.

He has got a younger brother who is 17 years old whose birthday is this Sunday.

We told him that we are going to travel to Greece this year and he told us that he travelled to Greece one year and that he liked it so much. He has travelled to a lot of countries in Europe and he only has travelled to one place outside of Europe, that place is Morocco.

He likes Spanish omelette.

We are pleased to meet him.

Written by the students of 4th ESO